Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

Grandpa Johnson's Grave
(don't ask why it wouldn't rotate the right way I was struggling as you can see)

Oh there is much that has been going on in the Heath household. Okay, well I guess since Jon and I are living with mama & papa Johnson technically it would be the Johnson household, but still it's been crazy. May is just a crazy month. So first off, Memorial Day! Another day we spend a lot of time doing the whole grave thing. I guess it's a good thing I like my family because we sure spend a lot of time together during the summer.

Sunday May 24th we headed up to Sandy to put flowers on my grandfather Johnson's grave.
Dad at Grandpa's grave
me, Jenni, Wyatt, & mom (it was raining as you can tell)

Mom & Dad at Grandpa Johnson's grave

Monday we spent the first of the day at the Orem cemetery with family just doing what we do best. Hanging out with family at grandma Cotant's grave. Then ran to a movie and finished with a fake bbq. Oh how I LOVE holidays and summer!!!

Grandpa Cotant, Kris, Sandra, Nancy, Kip, Amy, & Sarah
Dad, Kerr, Wyatt, Brooke, Kenzie, mom, Jenni & Grandpa
Kenzie, mom, Abbey, & Jen
And JON. This is how he feels about going to the cemetery and sitting in the hot hot sun...he would rather sit under a shady tree.

Wyatt & Brooke

Abbey & Kerr

Grandpa & Amy

Nancy, Kip, Amy, & Sarah

Me and my hubby

Kris & Sandra shadin it under the umbrella

Dad & Kerr

Wyatt, Jenni, me, Brooke and my crazy husband

(So do you think we take too many pictures? Wait til I post graduation pics. Yeah my family is pretty much crazy and it is a tradition to seriously get every combination possible.)

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LyndiLou said...

I don't think that you'll ever be sad about having that many pictures!!! I love taking pictures... and looking back at them over the years! We went to the Orem cemetary too. My Mom's parents are there. It would have been sooo funny to run into you there!