Tuesday, October 21, 2008

#1 Roseville Couple of the Year

Thank you for wedding presents! For our wedding we received aprons with our names embroidered on them and here we are posing in them.
One Sunday night Jon and I decided to take a walk around our complex and ended up spending most of our time on the playground. Jon enjoyed climbing the kid wall.
And I preferred the toy that rocked back and forth but wasn't really made for a skirt.
MustI explain???
Oh bless the children that come to this home because their parents are absolutely crazy!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our New Temple

So this is our new temple, The Sacramento Temple. It's about 20-25 mins away and absolutely beautiful. The Sacramento Temple is considered a medium temple which means about 70 people fit in a session verses a small temple of only 35 people per session. They don't rent clothes and they ask that you call in advance to let them know you are coming so they know how many are attending a session. Yep just a little different from one of the many temples in UT. This is one of the few places I know how to drive to without getting lost and pretty much the only place I drive to when I just need a break (I have no where else to go cause I don't know anyone). But let's be honest, it's not a bad option and it definitely could be worse. I am so grateful the temple is close otherwise I would be very lost living here in CA.

Me and my cousin Kris. Kris came to town to see a mission buddy get married. This was the greatest moment EVER!! In fact, when he told me he was coming to Sacramento I started to cry (I know I know, me crying is not a shock). Finally another person to talk to other than Jon. Don't get me wrong I love talking to Jon but it's nice being able to talk to multiple people. And people who know the same people I know. Oh it was so refreshing. Thanks Kris for calling when you came to visit it meant the world to me!!!
There are no words!!! Yes here we are Roseville couple of the year!! So Jon and I really struggle taking pictures. I was so excited because I finally remembered my camera and we could get a picture together at the temple (even though we weren't in our church clothes). But do you think we could take a cute picture? NO!!! We took 13 pics and this is the best one. Like I said, never a dull moment!!

Our Home...well so far

Welcome to The Reserves Complex off Gibson Dr in Roseville CA. This is the club house at our complex. When you pull through the gate this is the first thing you see. Our condo is off to the right and down the street. This is where our mailbox is, workout facility, racquetball court, pool, and hot tub.

Welcome to our condo #1122! Yes this is my goofy husband in front of our door. No worries with Jon around there is never a dull moment. Always entertainment!!
This is our living room with our FREE little table and our ONE couch (thank you mom and dad Johnson for our only couch!!). As you can see I haven't done a lot of decorating but it's in the works.
Living room. So we have a cute little table, one couch, and ONE love sac. Not the most accommodating for a large group of people but no worries we have a floor and it offers a seat to everyone. You can also see out to our deck and our fireplace.
This is the only decorated spot of the house and it's not really complete, but getting there. It's kind of weird but the fireplace and t.v. hole are behind the front door. Jon didn't really like that so I used the hole to decorate and ta-da you have our fireplace.
The picture wall I'm working on putting up. If you're wondering as to whether or not those are DVDs around the photos you are correct they are. I was measuring the wall and making an equivalent on the floor so I used the dvds for my perimeter. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do.
Ah this is our kitchen. And this is Jon in the kitchen pretending to cook. Nice apron JON!!
Just another picture of our kitchen and of course Jon making a crazy face as usual.

Now these are all of the empty boxes we unpacked that sit on our deck and are waiting for me to organize and hid somewhere. There are a lot of boxes in that stack let me tell you because I unpacked almost all of them.

This is our spare bedroom/office/bat chair/storage/library/whatever else you can think of room. Jon and I have a lot of STUFF!!!

More stuff in the extra bedroom.
Our second closet. We tried to pack as much as possible in here but I still need to do some rearranging to see if I can fit more in and less in the actual room. We have a lot of clothes!

This is the closet in our bed room. Our 1st closet and it is very full as well.

And this, this is how Jon makes the bed. He doesn't really understand why a bed has so many pillows so every day when I leave to go to the gym and he gets ready for work he makes the bed in the most creative way possible. The bed is made in every way except the "normal" way. He always makes it exciting at our house we never have a dull moment. And at night instead of just taking the pillows off and nicely putting them on the floor. It's a war as to who can put the most pillows on the other persons side of the bed. Needless to say, the "throw pillows" have served their purpose because they've been thrown many times. Our bed set is to arrive Monday or Tuesday and Jon and I can't wait. As much as we enjoy sleeping on the mattress on the floor we're both ready for a bed frame and night stands. Thank you mom and dad Heath for the bed set!!