Sunday, May 31, 2009

Way to go Brooke

This month was crazy! We had Mother's Day, Memorial Day, birthdays, graduations, I mean you name it and it happened. So the last event to post for this month is Brooke's high school graduation.
Brooke, Abbey, Meagan, Amy, & Sarah

It was weird driving up to the Marriott Center on BYU campus Thursday for Brooke's graduation because it reminded me so much of when I graduated from high school. Well, I guess a lot can happen in nine years, but still I thought about those days nine years ago. I remember my senior year being the best. I didn't think it could get any better and then it ended. It's funny I really thought I knew a lot back then and now I think about everything I've experienced since then and I wonder how I thought I knew anything at all. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm even the same person from then to now. It's not like I even know a lot now but I sure as heck know more now than I did then, so that's got be saying something right?
Dad, mom, Rhett, Wyatt, Brooke, Jenni, me & Jon

Anyway, I'm excited for Brooke. She's worked hard to make this year a success. She's really grown up this year and it's been fun to watch. She's getting ready to take the next plunge into life and move out. Oh the days of roommates and funness and drama and more funness. Those are good days yet to come for her.
Erin, Abbey, Brooke, Elli, Amy

Abbey, Brooke & Amy

Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

Grandpa Johnson's Grave
(don't ask why it wouldn't rotate the right way I was struggling as you can see)

Oh there is much that has been going on in the Heath household. Okay, well I guess since Jon and I are living with mama & papa Johnson technically it would be the Johnson household, but still it's been crazy. May is just a crazy month. So first off, Memorial Day! Another day we spend a lot of time doing the whole grave thing. I guess it's a good thing I like my family because we sure spend a lot of time together during the summer.

Sunday May 24th we headed up to Sandy to put flowers on my grandfather Johnson's grave.
Dad at Grandpa's grave
me, Jenni, Wyatt, & mom (it was raining as you can tell)

Mom & Dad at Grandpa Johnson's grave

Monday we spent the first of the day at the Orem cemetery with family just doing what we do best. Hanging out with family at grandma Cotant's grave. Then ran to a movie and finished with a fake bbq. Oh how I LOVE holidays and summer!!!

Grandpa Cotant, Kris, Sandra, Nancy, Kip, Amy, & Sarah
Dad, Kerr, Wyatt, Brooke, Kenzie, mom, Jenni & Grandpa
Kenzie, mom, Abbey, & Jen
And JON. This is how he feels about going to the cemetery and sitting in the hot hot sun...he would rather sit under a shady tree.

Wyatt & Brooke

Abbey & Kerr

Grandpa & Amy

Nancy, Kip, Amy, & Sarah

Me and my hubby

Kris & Sandra shadin it under the umbrella

Dad & Kerr

Wyatt, Jenni, me, Brooke and my crazy husband

(So do you think we take too many pictures? Wait til I post graduation pics. Yeah my family is pretty much crazy and it is a tradition to seriously get every combination possible.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Me and my mother at my grandma's funeral (11/2006)

Mother's Day for me is always filled with mixed emotions. I love that there is one day set aside to specifically honor our mothers, but I always end up shedding a few tears as I reflect on the many memories of mothers and grandmothers who have past.

Oh how I love my mother. She is such an example to me. She has taught me many things and without fail my mother is always my number one fan. I grew up with a mother who attended all activities I was apart of. She never missed anything, and yet to this day she still attends everything. My mother is one who is compassionate, loving, sympathetic, understanding, and competitive. Although she will truly never know just how much she has taught me, I'm grateful for days like Mother's Day where she is specifically honored and recognized for all that she's done.

Thanks mom!!! I love you!!

The other people I love to honor and remember are my grandmothers. Gratefully I have one grandmother who is still living and another who unfortunately has passed. This Mother's Day we spent time in Bountiful at a church meeting where my grandma Johnson was honored and recognized. It was fun being with aunts, uncles, and cousins. We then drove down to Orem and spent a couple of hours at the cemetery with my mother's family as we joked around and reminisced about various memories. What I love most about Mother's Day, it gives an excuse to get all the family together and just hang out.

Jenni, Grandma Cotant (oh how I miss her), Grandpa Cotant (love the glasses gramps)

(Dad's sisters) Heidi, Claudia, Aneladee, Des, Grandma Johnson, Cindy, Margot, & Maralee

Grandma Cotant's Grave

Grandpa Cotant & Mom

Jenni & Abbey (cousins)

Grandpa enjoying family time at the grave

Grandpa Cotant, Mom, Kerri, Kris (the fam)

Jenni, me, & Abbs (cousins)

Ashlyn & Jason (Jason was pooped on by a bird while we were hanging out it was hilarious)

me & Chad (Love my family!!)

Little cute Ashlynn

Kerr, Kris, & Kori (siblings)

My mom's family & my grandmother's grave

Kris, Grandpa, Kori, mom, Kip & Kerr (the siblings)

My handsome grandfather!!

Jason, Lyndi, Jenni, Abbey, Chad, Andrew, me, Brittany, Brooke (the cousins)

The College Graduate -- Way to go Rhett!!!

The Graduate!!

My brother recently graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelors in History. Yeah, way to go Rhett!!! We love you and are so proud!

I promise he is in the picture somewhere receiving his diploma.

Jon and I during the graduation ceremony. As you can tell Jon REALLY likes graduations.

Aunt Kerri & Grandpa Cotant during the ceremony.

Pictures waiting for Rhett to come out: Grandpa Cotant, Grandma Johnson, me, Jon, Wyatt, Mom, Brooke, & Jenni

My family is a little crazy with occasions like this. My mother insists on getting every combination possible for pictures.
Parents: Dad, Rhett & mom

Husband & wife: Rhett & Annie

The in-laws: Tom & Mary Carter, Rhett & Annie

The Whole Gang: Dad, Grandma Johnson, Grandpa Cotant, Jenni, Rhett, Annie, Jon, Kati, Wyatt, Brooke, and mom

The grandparents: Grandpa Cotant & Grandma Johnson

The cousins & aunt: Chad, Kris, Rhett & Kerr

Da boys: Kris, Rhett, & Chad