Sunday, May 24, 2009

The College Graduate -- Way to go Rhett!!!

The Graduate!!

My brother recently graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelors in History. Yeah, way to go Rhett!!! We love you and are so proud!

I promise he is in the picture somewhere receiving his diploma.

Jon and I during the graduation ceremony. As you can tell Jon REALLY likes graduations.

Aunt Kerri & Grandpa Cotant during the ceremony.

Pictures waiting for Rhett to come out: Grandpa Cotant, Grandma Johnson, me, Jon, Wyatt, Mom, Brooke, & Jenni

My family is a little crazy with occasions like this. My mother insists on getting every combination possible for pictures.
Parents: Dad, Rhett & mom

Husband & wife: Rhett & Annie

The in-laws: Tom & Mary Carter, Rhett & Annie

The Whole Gang: Dad, Grandma Johnson, Grandpa Cotant, Jenni, Rhett, Annie, Jon, Kati, Wyatt, Brooke, and mom

The grandparents: Grandpa Cotant & Grandma Johnson

The cousins & aunt: Chad, Kris, Rhett & Kerr

Da boys: Kris, Rhett, & Chad

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LyndiLou said...

Wow!!! Good for him! I know that takes a lot of time and hard work! :) I bet he's sooo happy to be done! Where are you these days?!?