Sunday, September 21, 2008

How it all began...

For the longest time I heard about this guy Jon Heath from my good friend Jordan. She would always talk about how funny he was Heath Bar this and Heath Bar that. She would talk about him ALL the time. Every time I'd ask, "Who's this Jon Heath (Heath Bar)"? She'd respond with, "oh if you saw him you'd know him". Well the day came when the famous Jon was introduced to me and I'm pretty sure I'd never seen him before. That was about April of 2007.

Summer 2007 Jon sold Dish in Missouri for a company called Atlas and the following fall he once again was back in our office. Crazy as it is, he was being pushed to take out my best friend Alyssa Barrett. Fortunately, Lyss and I sat by each other at work so when Jon made his way back to our desks to ask her out there I sat too. The three of us talked casually and then said our goodbyes. Jon didn't end up asking Lyss out as he originally planned because he was wondering who the girl was that was sitting next to her. (That's me Lyssie's best friend.)

See Jon had two sets of friends really pushing for him to ask Lyss out, the Shields and the Jensens, but both he and Lyss continued to feel their relationship was simply platonic. So this is the part that I want to say IT'S FUNNY HOW THINGS WORK OUT.

The following Friday I received a phone call from an anonymous number. Not knowing the number I simply didn't answer phone, but a voicemail followed and I listened to it with the voice from the anonymous number being Mr.Jon Heath himself. Little did I know this phone call would be the beginning of a life changing event.

For all who have been apart of or currently are involved with the DATING GAME, seriously how much easier would it just be if we just knew the end from the beginning. Oh how that would really make things a lot easier. Let me tell you, it would definitely eliminate a lot of the heart ache and tears, reading into the he said she said stuff. Oh so much easier, but as nice as that would be it would take away all of the excitement and mystery that comes with not knowing and the rolling with the punches of making the best of what comes.

Anyway, Jon and I dated October through December and broke up around January. Obviously we got back together and that was around the end of March 2008. We then found ourselves engaged around the middle of April.

At the time we planned our soon to be married life around our current lives and though we'd make our home in Cedar Hills. But as many know, with marriage comes a lot of change and we encountered our first big change in June when Jon decided to partner with a friend in a business franchise located in Roseville California. I found myself very quickly questioning and double checking my decision. Was I doing the right thing? I really wanted to make sure I was ready to get married and pack up my things and move with no questions. Even with all the uncertainty and heartache and tears I knew in the end it was right. So, August 5th 2008 I entered the Salt Lake Temple hand in hand with my best friend as we were sealed for time and all eternity.

As challenging and frustrating it's been to get married and move away from friends and family, I wouldn't change any of it. I've married my best friend the greatest guy who is absolutely perfect for me!!!

The Reason

I decided to start a blog after getting married and moving to California. I refused to do so for a very long time before, but now that life has thrown me a few curve balls and I'm no longer living close to friends and family, I decided it was time.

For a long time blogs were more of a nuisance to me than anything. They took time away from doing "productive" things. There wasn't any room on my 'to-do' list to have a blog. Seriously, who had time to read or even update a blog? But now I know that it's one of the most convenient ways to stay in contact with those I love the most and are oh so far away. It's the various blogs of all my friends and family I find myself looking at frequently as I wonder how they are doing and what is going on in their lives. So need I say you go ladies and gentlemen my first blog.

I figured this way our friends and family can stay up to date on The Heath's lives too.